Quotes I live by


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Quotes have the power to stimulate our minds and cause us to alter the way we choose to live.

There are 2 quotes i would like to share with you all, quotes which govern the way i live my life.

“Those who mind don’t matter, and those that matter don’t mind”
-Dr Seuss

What it means to me
Live your life the way you want. Without caring what others will think of you and whether they will judge you or not. Speak up in class, volunteer to help someone, start exercising, put yourself out of your comfort zone. That is what being alive is all about. Don’t let others stop you from being you!

“The mind is everything. What you think, you become.”

What it means to me
The mind can be trained and developed, just like any other part of your body. If you are going to the gym to get six-pack abs, you will do crunches, sit ups etc. You will not see results overnight. The mind is the same. You need to constantly be telling yourself that you CAN do things and you need to BELIEVE in your own skills and capabilities. For example, if public speaking is not something you enjoy, you’d get anxious about it and worry that you will mess up, jumble your words up or perform badly. Instead of subjecting your mind to these negative thoughts, choose to be good at public speaking. Tell yourself that you are confident, and that you are excited to publicly speak. This is something which I personally have done and still do. It has taken years for me to believe it, but now public speaking does not bother me, because I am confident. Like i said, it takes time to train your mind, but it CAN be done, and it WILL be done.

Hope you enjoyed!


Eating tips for Ectomorphs and Dieters


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Hello fellow ectomorphs! How are we doing today? My guess is it is the same as always…exercising hard, eating a lot and a whole lack of gains!

An ectomorph is naturally skinny/toned and find it difficult to put on weight..(that’s great right?) well not necessarily. Your body cannot create lean muscle out of thin air, it needs something (body mass) to synthesize it. It is like a carpenter stripping down a tree to create a wooden plank. Without the tree, you cannot get the plank. Make sense?

Going off on a tangent here about dieting, whether you are trying to gain weight or lose it, eating principles remain the same, in that for both of these tasks, you are going to want to be eating about 6 times a day. Too often i hear about people skipping meals to lose weight, thinking that if they put less food into their body they will not gain weight, and it makes sense from that point of view. But that’s not how it works. The reason why ectomorphs find it hard to put on weight is usually because they have a high metabolism. So there body burns off all of the food they eat very quickly. Whilst it is the opposite for overweight or obese people, their metabolism works at a much slower rate. I hear you all asking, So why do they need to eat more meals?

Eating more frequent meals will promote your metabolism to increase. Obviously if you are trying to lose weight, you need monitor the portion size, but by having regular, smaller meals, you will find that your metabolism will increase, thus promoting a healthy weight loss. Because you see, if you only eat one meal a day, your body is going to hold onto that food and not digest it as it does not know when the next meal is going to come. But if you eat small meals every 3-4 hours, your body will quickly break down and digest the food because it knows it will not starve.

How does this relate to ectomorphs? Well we already have a high metabolism, so eating regularly will not change the speed of it. What we need to do is to eat bigger portions and ensure that we are taking in food at least 6 times a day. This is the hardest part about gaining weight for ectomorphs. Quite often ectomorphs know how to exercise, and have a good routine at the gym to gain muscle, it is just the eating that prevents them from gaining weight. I always tell people that whether you are trying to lose or gain weight, diet is 80% of the job. You can lift weights like Jay Cutler, but if you are not eating the right amount of food you will not gain weight.

So what is the right amount of food?

There are a couple of guidelines for ectomorphs. Firstly, you need to ensure that you are eating protein at a rate of 1 gram per pound of body weight you are. So if you are 60kg (133lbs) you need to be eating at least 133 grams of protein a day. Minimum. Along with protein, because of our high metabolism, we need to be eating a lot of carbohydrates and we need to make sure our calorie count is roughly 2000-3500 a day. Now that is a LOT of food for people who are not used to eating. It really is. But there are a couple of different strategies that you can use to initially help your body on it’s way to change.

The first is just worrying about calories. This method is good for those just starting as it is easier to eat food that you like. So if you like McDonald’s, eat it. If you like pizza, then eat it. To start off, you just want to vastly increase the number of calories entering your body. I guarantee, if you do this, you will quickly begin to see some weight being put on.

Now once you have began putting on some kilos, i recommend this is where you change your diet. You are still going to want to ensure that your calorie requirements are met, but you are going to be cutting out on the unnecessary saturated fats. This is where it becomes hard, as you are going to need to start doing a LOT of cooking yourself to make sure you are eating the right foods often enough. My main tip for this is to look for convenience to get you started. What i mean by this is buying microwaveable rice and microwaveable vegetables so two thirds of your meal can be cooked in less then 3 minutes. Once you get into the swing of things a bit more, then i suggest you do a lot of prep-cooking.  So one day a week you will cook a kilo of rice and a kilo of vegetables so throughout the week you can simply pop them in the microwave. This way is more time consuming, but in the long run, it will save you a lot of money.

I bet there are a few of you who are still a little confused about what to eat and when, so i will list what i ate yesterday!

7am- 4 pieces of toast. 1 Banana. Protein shake
10am- Peanut butter sandwich. 12 almonds
1pm- 100g tuna. 1 serve brown rice. 2 serves spinach4pm- 1 apple. 12 almonds. Ham & cheese toasted sandwich
7pm- 250g chicken breast. 1 serve brown rice. 1 serve vegetables
10pm- Peanut butter sandwich. Protein shake

As you can see there are a lot of carbohydrates in my diet, that is to ensure that my body uses them for energy and not the protein which is needed to build muscles.

Now exercise is the next thing, but i will not get into that now as that is a whole different topic. If you follow the advice above, you will see results and you will put on weight!



Luis Suarez…breaking down literally, and metaphorically.


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Any football fan will tell you, that the raw emotion that flows through your body throughout a 90 minute match is exhilarating. Feelings of ecstasy can exist, only to be replaced by ones of despair in an little as 11 minutes. Just ask any Liverpool fan.

Sport has a certain power over people. Like a snake being hypnotized by its charmer, men and women alike invest so much attention and emotion into it without even realizing. Fans are not the only ones with emotional investment though, as Luis Suarez demonstrated upon hearing the final whistle at Selhurst Park on Monday night.

Prior to the game, it was the opinion of many that Liverpool were already out of the title race. Manchester City, who could finish on similar points had a far superior goal difference, but there was still hope. All Liverpool had to do was to win their remaining games and hope for a bit of luck elsewhere. The only problem was that they needed that luck now.

With 78 minutes gone, Liverpool were cruising to a victory at 3-0. Yet it somehow all went horribly wrong. A deflected shot found it’s way past Liverpool keeper Mignolet, and the home team rallied. Enter Dwight Gayle. A man with only 3 goals this season, 3 goals that became 5 in a matter of minutes.

Full time Crystal Palace 3-3 Liverpool.

At that point, Luis Suarez knew that the premier league title had escaped him. Think about all the emotions you go through as a fan whilst watching a game and then multiply them tenfold. Suarez, arguably the best player in the league this season will finish this season empty handed. Whats that you say? He will win the golden boot for most goals. Yes he will. But his reaction after the final whistle demonstrates how much he has changed over the past season. He transformed from a cheating, racist cannibal into something else…into a human.

Above all the money, fame, popularity and fortune, Suarez showed the world that he is like the rest of us. A mere mortal. Sure people have given him stick and ridiculed him for his reaction, but to those people I ask you this. Have you ever believed something was true, only to realize that what you believed in was not true? For months Suarez has ‘believed’ that Liverpool were going to win the title. And when you believe in something this much it consumes you. It is in your mind day and night. Every ounce of breath you take is so you can get one step closer towards that goal. Whether it be a dream job, a perfect relationship or a league title. Everyone has felt as deflated as Suarez has at one point in there life. And if you have not, then you will. And my advice for you?

Make sure Kolo Toure is around to give you a hug.




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As i went through the setup for this blog, i kept asking myself, “what kind of people create these things?”

People who have information that can benefit others? Yes. People interested in obtaining followers? Yes. People who want to establish an income? Yes again. And that brings me to the million dollar question…where do i fit in? Well firstly, i see this whole ‘blogging’ business as a chain. The first link in the chain is to have interesting information that people will want to read. I see too many blogs from the younger generation who, quite frankly, post garbage which does not benefit anybody. Ok, you saw the new Johnny Depp movie, but ranting about how awesome it was and how hot he is does not really present itself as good reading. The second link in the chain are the followers. I have a firm belief that if the information is good, then the followers will come. It is just a mater of reaching out to the right people in a blog world filled with millions of different posts. And finally, if you get the two previous chains right, then i guess the money will come. Is that a long term goal of mine? To use this blogging business as income? I, like everyone else, would be lying if i said no.

So why my blog? Why should you take any interest in what a 24 year old Australian guy has to say? Well in order to save both of our time, please scan the list below to see if anything i have to say interests you.

exercise. health. fitness. university. nursing. friends. family. relationships. love. movies. gaming. music. celebrities. entertainment. sport. karma. Buddhism. religion. science. depression. anxiety. mental health. rehab. addiction. gambling. drugs. fear. nature. positivity. self-worth. empath. emotions. stereotypes. racism. inequality. happiness. loyalty. work.

Hopefully there is a topic in there which has some interest to you, and hopefully my thoughts will help you either deal with, expand or understand your own about these issues. I’m sure i have missed some things, but once I get writing, I’m sure they will come. Ultimately what i would like to do is to have my readers inform me of the topics they wish me to explore, so I can direct my posting to the interests of my followers. Obviously, starting of, I will jump from topic to topic, issue to issue, to try and connect to as wide an audience as possible. How often will i post? As often as possible. In the early life of this blog there will no doubt be post after post after post….with all of these posts having fabulous and deep content throughout (Hopefully)

So if i gained any followers already, welcome aboard. If you’ve gotten this far and are still not convinced, then give me a chance to prove you wrong.

Until next time